Beauty Chain Announcement:

At 13:18 on April 22, 2018, BEC’s prices fluctuate significantly due to the smart contract safety issue on the BEC. After the study by the Beauty Chain Foundation, the Beauty Chain has suspended all transactions and transfers.

This security issue will not affect the number of BEC in your wallet. We are also actively communicating with the Exchange OKEx to provide better solutions for everyone.

We will release new smart contracts as soon as possible. In order to safeguard the interests of everyone, we have reached an agreement with the OKEx Exchange. The trade fair will roll back to 13:18 on April 22, after this time all transactions generated in the Beauty Chain will be Cancellation, purchase of BEC digital currency will be returned in the same way; at the same time, our new smart contract will be 1:1 mapping with BEC to ensure that the number of existing BEC before this time will not be affected. We will communicate with OKEx Exchange resume BEC trading as soon as possible.

We apologize for the adverse effects of this incident on OKEx, the majority of Beauty Chain supporters and exchange operators.

Beauty Chain Foundation

April 23, 2018

Project Highlights


Seed Application of Beauty Chain

BeautyPlus will be a seed application using the Beauty Chain. For example, when a user takes a photo with BeautyPlus or shares the photo on a social platform, the user will receive a virtual item that can be redeemed in BeautyPlus for a variety of virtual collectibles. These collectibles can either be used in BeautyPlus as selfie materials or traded for BEC.
With the blockchain technology, every virtual collectibles can be traced back to the source to ensure the authenticity. At the same time, the collectors can also participate in the production and trading of these items, reducing the excessive transaction costs incurred due to the traditional opaque processes. As a result, the collectors can acquire the virtual items at a transparent price.

Incentives for Content Creation

In most social platforms, only the top content producers are able to directly monetize their fan base, while majority of long-tail content producers are unable to do so. Such characteristics may not be beneficial for the long-term development of social platforms.
Applications based on the Beauty Chain are able to solve such problems to a certain extent, by enabling each individual in the community to be a content user and a stakeholder at the same time.
For example, when users in the community shares, contributes or consumes content, they will have the opportunity to receive BEC. The mechanism will provide incentives for generating quality content, which, in turn, helps to facilitate a more active and fun community.

Copyright Protection

With the blockchain technology, users are able to generate original content and encapsulate key features of the content in the blockchain. Since the data in the blockchain cannot be tampered with, anyone will be able to trace and certify the authenticity of the content with Beauty Chain and protect their copyrights. The Beauty Chain will explore the optimal applications based on such mechanism in the future.

More Beauty-related Applications

It is often difficult for a single concept to be widely accepted globally because of the differences in ethic, culture and ideology, except for beauty. The pursuit of beauty is human nature and a common aspiration of mankind. The Beauty Chain is founded upon the mission to identify, create and share beauty, link the beauty industry value chain, and to make the world a better place. We encourage you to discover more beauty-related applications with us.

Incentive Scheme

The overall amount of Beauty Ecosystem Coin is 7 billion and will be distributed per below:

How to Obtain BEC: